Saturday, February 6, 2016

LG 14 inch CRT television model CF-14D10K sound okay no picture.

A friend of mine called me to pass by his place to check on his television, the complain was no picture but audio is okay.

I passed by his place and he was out of the house and I was attended by the wife. There was no power in the area and after asking her a few question about the nature of the problem she confirmed what the husband said.

I never carried with me any equipment because I was not intending to do the repair on site.So I took the television with me back to my workshop, I applied the power and to my surprise the screen was full.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

You can now read my blog in your language.

Today I checked my blog statistics and I was surprised to find that most of my blog readers are not from English speaking countries.

From the screen shot below you can see top on the list is Russia with 2086 page views yesterday, followed by United States(1742) and then Israel(1200) was third.

Then come this email this morning from santiago carranza from nicaragua

Hi Mr. Humphreys you book is in spanisho too or only in English, pls i need buy your book but my English is not so good. I live in managua, nicaragua a little country of central America,  god bless you Regards,
santiago carranza

and this one from Anil sarvade.-India
My dear sir I don’t know english fluance. So cannot replay your article answers. But I read your all crt tv repair suggestions. You are my good teacher sir. God bless you sir thank you. Anil sarvade. India.Hyderabad.

This has lead me to think of a way to help this group to be able to read my blog in their own language courtesy of Google translate.

I have already added this function on the top right hand side of the blog and what you need to do is just select your language on the drop list and click translate.

Thanks you guys
Happy browsing

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

LG 21 Inch Television with shutdown symptom

 A customer came to my shop and wanted his TV checked by a technician; he didn’t come with the TV so I had to accompany him to his house which was a stone throw from my workshop.
Upon reaching his house I found the TV was already open, he was trying to fix it by himself and being a soldier I think he assumed the by fact that his TV refused to work was a criminal act and therefore he wanted to do some investigation.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Samsung DVD player Model DVD-D530 hit by high voltage

A friend of mine called me to pass by his place to check on his DVD player which he suspected was hit by high voltage.

I passed by his place and the DVD was brought to me, I opened it and my first stop was the power supply since power surge usually affect the power supply especially the primary side.

The good thing with power surge problems are usually catastrophic and therefore in most cases you can easily identify the problem without using expensive test equipment and therefore your eyes are good enough to locate the faulty component(s).

Monday, January 18, 2016

DVD power supply dead now repaired.

Hello Humphrey! Your book on DVD player repair guide has made me to learn new hints how to solve problems related to DVD switch mode power supply (S.M.P.S).

Now I received a DVD from my friend which had power problem .When I opened the casing I noticed the fuse 2A/250V was dark inside. I removed it and connected a 100W bulb across the fuse and it was too bright and no voltage across the main capacitor 10uf/400v.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

do it yourself ESR meter

Hi Marcus
This file is still too big, 57mb!
Also noted you did not use stripe board and therefore I will not be able to check any errors because you have used a different board.
Which country are you from?
Regards Humphrey

Sorry to hear that. I'm here in the Philippines

Hi Marcus,
No problem, actually the reason I asked your country is because I wanted to see if I can send you mine which I did as do it yourself project.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Go video DVD VR5940 ejects disk with read error now repaired.

Hi Humphrey
Need repair advice to fix a Go Video VR5940. DVD laser head moves in/out, up/down, red light briefly on, disk begins to spin slow, then stops and ejects DVD, displays C02. Also, there’s a tiny red light lit up on PCB at D301. Thank you. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

21 inch CRT Samsung Television with 3 RGB lines at the top of the screen problem now solved.

Got this email from Mr Raja from India

Hi sir,
We got a CRT TV for repair at my work Bench (Samsung 21inch)
There was a power supply problem which we rectified, TV is working fine, but we are getting 3 RGB lines at the top of the screen as shown below in the photo. Changed all the filter capacitors on vertical section I.C used is TDA8356 please let me know the root cause to solve this issue
Please go through the picture for your understanding

Sunday, December 13, 2015

HOT transistor is continuously getting shorted after replacement

For those who have been in repair business for a while you will agree with me that this is a common phenomenon.

You receive a TV in your shop and you diagnose the problem and found the HOT is shorted and you begin to celebrate how you got the culprit effortlessly.

You pull a new HOT transistor and replaced it and powering on the TV came up beautifully and before picking the phone to call the owner to collect his machine you realized that the TV is down again.

You check again and find the HOT is shorted again. If you have never experienced such a problem lucky you, but for Abdul Haleem from Sri Lanka has not been lucky... Lets us hear his story.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

CRT television repair customer support

Dear Sir,
I am from Pakistan 58years old I am a retired person and doing TV repairing as hobby I have a Philips 21" TV model no 21pt2682/65r problem is TV is totally dead there is no short S.M.P.S is not working please help me.

Very very best regards

Hi Hameed,
Glad to meet you and happy to hear from Pakistan. With regard to the TV you are repairing you have not given me any fact you have already gathered in order for me to make any conclusions. I suggest you read this article on troubleshooting smps on my site and I am sure it will help you.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Customer support and ebook replacement

Some times customers come back to me even after two years when they lose there eBooks due to computer crash or tablet/iPhone.

In this case i check out from my database to confirm you actually bought the eBook and replace them immediately.

This happen to a customer from Antigua & Barbuda Mr Songre osmenep

Two year ago..

Hi Humphrey, I have never forgotten you and you are always on my mind. I must say you have open my eyes so much to electronics TV and DVD repair and I am just so grateful to you...because you have helped me so much that you are constantly in my prayers and you and your family will always be blessed. This is the way I make my living to help compliment my wife and to help feed my kids so for me it's very important. You would not believe the simple and most important things I have learned from you like the testing of the power supply which is my greatest challenge and so much more.....anyways please tell me again the price for the book; I will be sending the money Via Western Union or Money Gram within the next two weeks. I am so impressed with you Sir that I keep saying that if it was feasible for me I would visit Kenya to meet Just so proud of you Sir. I really need this book and any other thing you may recommend as we go along. You are my friend. Keep me posted with the price of book in US dollars and God Bless....Thanks