Sunday, February 4, 2024

Cool steamer producer is repaired

 I received this machine on my bench,With commercial name of  EMSIG made in china.

like most of  these kind of machine does not producing cool steam the red led on the face machine  is on this means that the power is coming inside but something or things does not let machine to produce the steam the machine  consist of  two pcb board one as psu smps  another one is the oscillation board that generates the frequencies around 890k hertz  TRANSISTOR BU 406 is agent that by help of cap and a coil  make oscillation frequencies and signal frequencies directly goes to the membrane of piezo electric and start to vibrate in this frequencies the water break in small pieces and by help of a fan blow the pieces of water to the up and outside of machine

HOW does a piezo Atomizer work?

Piezo atomizers work by applying an alternating electrical current to a piezoelectric transducer which causes it to vibrate ultrasonic frequencies this vibration is then transferred to a liquid which breaks up into a fine mist of droplets. the size of droplets can be controlled by the holes sizes on mesh and by adjusting the frequency and amplitude of the vibration

After opening the machine faced with too much Dirt caused by sediment of water. the user said never used lite water for this machine and this much of sediment was just cos of use of heavy water. Psu of this machine produce to kind of voltages one 32 volt Dc just for oscillator board and12 volts for fan of machine both where good and within tolerances so far so good then I disconnect the wires that attached to piezo then by help of frequency meter of vtom i measured the frequencies that going to piezo my meter read about 896 kilo hertz then something must wrong it inside the piezo.

I opened the metal cap of piezo what you guess yes,The red wire from the body of piezo was disconnected the previous  repairer on this machine tried to resoldred the red wire to the body of piezo but the soldering was incomplete and was broken eventually  the best thing to do was to replace the piezo with same size  I and cleaned all the inside of machine  with lite HCL  with a tooth brash this job.

Old lady was satisfy from this job since she has problem when breathing the dry air.

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