About us

We specialize in repair and service of home electrical appliances...
CRT Televisions, LCD Monitors, CRT monitors, DVDs among others. 

Proudly serving Nairobi City-Kenya!
We also buy dead LCD monitors, CRT monitors, TVs and sell refurbished ones (this service is only available in Nairobi-Kenya)


  1. Bravo, Bravo , Bravo
    Good Job

  2. Thank you for doing all the hard work in making and posting this great project , a job well done and something to be proud of. I am going to enjoy making this. May Good luck follow you .

    1. Thanks for passing by and your feedback my friend. Wishing you the best in life too.
      regards Humphrey

  3. Hello Humphrey

    I like what you do, and I bought your 2 ebooks thank you so much for your works,

    Will you release new ebooks soon ??? (please, say YES)

    Please, don't give up , you are going to be a guru !!!

    Patrick M.

  4. Hi Patrick.

    Thanks for your feedback on my eBooks. About releasing new books soon? the answer is a BIG YES. watch this space.

    Kind regards


  5. This guy is a great professional, I used his services and I was impressed by his eye for details and thoroughness, keep it Humphrey

  6. Thank you my friend. God bless you
    Regards Humphrey