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  1. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your help to all, Even I need your help, I am reading your newsletter regularly.... My 14" CRT TV is Totally dead, I was check the fuse its blown, Now what should I do ? please help me .......

  2. That info is not enough for me to make any conclusion.


    Regards Humphrey

  3. hi ive a horizontal probleme, picture is half, and cant find teh solution

  4. Dear Sir Humphrey,
    Thank you very much for these very informative information regarding on how to conduct troubleshooting a television set. It helps a lot. Thank you and May God Bless you Always.

  5. Dear sir I have been reading your article about electronics quite often I want to be like you this is my first attempt to repair tv and now it seems am on the right track, of late I was able to bring some life to a dead and abandoned lg CTR TV,I can say the primary side is now working secondary voltages are also available after killing burying many HOT.But now am stuck I need help ,standby led is on but when I press the p+ or p- button it dims a little then come back bright,it behaves as though it wants to come on but nothing happens where could the problem be? Model no LG 21FU6RL-T4