Friday, May 14, 2021

Sony Home theater model HBD-DZ950 hit by power surge now repaired.

I got a phone call from a client who wanted his machine checked by a technician.

He told me that he just googled technician nearby and my name popped up.

I asked him the nature of the problem and item to be checked, He said he suspect power surge since the home theater and microwave are dead.

I asked for the model of the home theater so that I can prepare myself in advance.

The machine model was the Sony HBD-DZ950, I logged on the net looking for the service manual of this machine so that I can be able to figure out the most likely culprits and value.

I was lucky to get the manual and went straight to the power supply section and was able to pick out the possible culprit which normally fail if there is power surge.

I picked the components from my store and headed to the client site which was around 20Km from my place, using the pin location provided, I was able to locate the place effortlessly.

I was ushered in and shown the machine, after opening it I could see the damage done by the power surge without even pulling the meter.

Monday, May 3, 2021

14-inch CRT television with messed up colors, no sharpness now repaired

I received a phone call from a client who wanted his television checked.

I arrived at the site and shown the television, looking at the screen one can see the pictures but pink color was too much and also the image was not sharp, any writing on the screen was not visible and looked like washed out.

I took the television to the shop and the first stop was the small CRT neck board shown below.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Hisense 65-inch not loading(hanging) now repaired.

I got direct message on my FB account from a lady who wanted her television checked.

By the way we are not friends on FB but mutual friends and one of his friends complained about how is new television is misbehaving, I dropped a comment there and when this lady read my feedback she thought I can help in her case.

After contacting me we organized for the appointment for the site visit.

She provided her pin location and was able to reach her place effortlessly.

I was shown the television and I tried to reset (which the medical people call resuscitation) all in vain.

I went online and googled the model number then motherboard and I got the part was available at

I asked her if she was comfortable with board price and she agreed.

Monday, April 12, 2021

My electronics journey By Humphrey Kimathi

Life is a journey, today I feel I should digress a bit and share my personal story into the world of electronics, who knows it may encourage someone.

To make is short let me begin in high school, when I joined form one from primary school I found many new subjects which were not covered in primary school and among them was Physics which was considered a science subject.

I fell in love with this subject that even when guys pushed me big time in other subjects I always excelled in physics effortlessly.

After high I joined the A levels for those who follow Kenya curriculum (same with British that time)

In  A levels one was supposed to choose 3 subjects only and I took Mathematics, chemistry and Biology using the rich dad, poor dad way of thinking.

So I decided to pursue those subjects in the hope of becoming a doctor, when the results were out that dream was cut short according to the results I attained.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

LG home theater model HT806 came in dead now repaired

 I got a phone call from one of my neighbor who wanted his home theater checked by a technician.

I passed by his place and took the machine to the shop, he has given me a hint that he suspects the machine was hit by power surge.

Once in the shop I applied power and indeed the machine was dead as dodo.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

40 Inch Sony Bravia LED television came dead, Red light blinking 6 times, NOW REPAIRED

I got a whatsup message from my former colleague where I used to work but now working with an international organization (Red Cross) I.T department.

The message was, and I quote “My Sony Bravia model KLV-40R352B has a red light blinking 6 times, is it repairable” answer, Yes! Repairable while you wait! Okay, I will bring it tomorrow.

As you have noted I replied with confidence that the problem is repairable, Sony products has state of the art design in the market.

In case of any problem they go into shutdown(lockdown) to avoid further damages, for Sony Led television, the number of blinks point to the faulty circuit. A quick search on google for 6X blinks points to backlight failure.

The following day he brought the television but since I was going out for a meeting we agreed he collect the machine the following day.

The following day I came back to the shop and did not even remember to test if what he said is correct and therefore proceeded to open the television and went straight to the backlight section. You can learn how to access backlight like a pro here.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

32 inch Skyworth LED television came in with symptoms” Logo comes on briefly” and then go into standby

I got this referral from my FB page, a client who was impressed by the work I share on my Facebook page about my repair work got interested and send a message that she has 32-inch television which need checking by a technician and suspected it was backlights.

From the symptoms she described even me I was convinced that the problem is on the backlight.

I booked her for appointment and send my location ping and the following day I got a phone call from the uber man that he is trying to reach my shop.

I went out and found the uber with a lady passenger at the back seat, with her was a 32-inch television.

The uber driver was released and we proceeded to the shop with the lady.

After reaching the shop the first thing to do is to confirm what the client said is correct and also make sure the screen is still intact.

The screen was okay and the symptoms were also confirmed to be exact.

I opened the television and after doing some board scanning I noted some three small capacitors on the output (actually led driver circuit which had their top silver lining slightly swollen.