Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Why electronic protector talking long to activate protection mode.


The problem of this AC line surge protector was not starting to  give protected AC before 6 minute, something must be wrong  inside the machine since there was no diagram for this circuit  as general services first I re-solder all the joints then the most  problematics part are e -capacitors I had three on the board.

10 microfarad @50 volts

220 microfarad@25 volts

22 microfarad @ 16 volts

The value of 220 microfarad cap was changed to 200 micro and  ESR 148 ohm that was not good two others were not bad  enough by replacing the cap machine start to give voltages  after 2 minute

Article brought to you by Mr.Beh. based in Tehran City-Iran.OP AMP DBL 324

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