Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Ramtons Microwave oven model RM/320 with “no heating symptoms” now repaired,

I received a microwave from a customer who wanted it checked by a technician,

The complaints were the microwave was working well in terms of setting time and everything but after going through the process, It could not heat the food.

This problem from my experience it is used caused by failure in one or more components of the high voltage circuit.

These incudes, magnetron, high voltage capacitor, high voltage diode, High voltage fuse or high voltage transformer.

After dis-connecting the microwave from the wall outlet, I begin to test these components one by one.

I noted the high voltage diode has a reading on diode test of my digital meter which it should not in a normal working condition.

I disconnected one leg of the diode and still got a reading, I removed it out of circuit and still got the same reading as you can see below.


After replacing the diode, the machine was up and running again, customer was happy, so was the technician.

Thank you, guys

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