Saturday, September 10, 2022


I received this home theater from a client who wanted it checked by a tech, I applied the power and noted there was no sign of life. 

I opened up the machine and proceeded to scan the whole system, beginning with the power board and later motherboard.

I noted two capacitors with top part slightly swollen on the power supply section, usually if you get a capacitor with top part swollen it is advisable to replace it directly with testing.

I proceeded to the mother board and found two capacitors with outer cover ripped off and one with top part slightly swollen as you can see below.

I decided to replace all capacitors with the same capacitance value but higher voltage rating to avoid come back.

After replacing the capacitors I applied power and the machine came up smiling.

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  1. Hi,Humphrey. Can I get the link to the service manual DH3140s.I am working on the same board but no power.