Thursday, July 7, 2022

32 inch Vitron Television picture upside down after motherboard replacement now fixed

I received this television from a customer who wanted it checked by a technician.

She told me that she suspect a loose cable and hence minor problem.

I checked the voltage and found they are present even on the secondary side of the power supply.

I also noted some components were getting too hot on the secondary side (Never torch components on the primary side unless if you power off and remove the power cable from the outlet) and since the power On led was off means the microprocessor was also not getting power.

I decided to do new motherboard replacement, getting these boards in my market is quite easy.

I visited the shop and I was back with one which was exactly the same and therefore I expected easy fix, plug and play.

And yes the television fired on beautifully from the back I could see backlights are on.

Turning to the screen I noted the picture/image were upside down like you can see below.

I did some Google search about this issue and realized it is quite common.

The solution was to use remote control to access the factory setting.

In my case I had no remote control and the way out was to change the memory ic. From the old board to the new board.

Memory ic on the old board

After replacing the new memory ic with the old one from the old board the problem was solved as you can below.

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  1. Thanks a lot Mr Kimathi for sharing. I heard such a tale from a friend of mine. The tech could not figure out how to fix upside pictures thus he replaced the old board and told my friend to just buy a new TV.