Friday, March 11, 2022

Von Hotpoint microwave model HMG-202DB with “no heating problem” now repaired.

I received this microwave from my neighbor who wanted it checked by a technician.

The owner told me that there was a loud bang and since that time they set it aside (store) and were planning to buy another one since they considered the issue as beyond repair.

I took it with me to my shop and once I applied the power I noted it was powering on well, I placed a glass full of water and hit express button and after 30 seconds I checked the water and found it was still cold.

I then decided to open up the machine and do some troubleshooting.

I begin testing the H.V fuse and found its okay, next I checked the H.V diode and found it dead short.

Next I checked H.V capacitor with my multicomponent tester and found it okay as you can see the results below.

I replaced the HV diode which was found faulty and tested again with a glass of water and after 30 seconds, I found the water was a little warm.

I decided to check the H.V diode again and found it once again shorted.

Before replacing the diode again, I decided to replace the magnetron directly.

I replaced the two components and after testing again with a glass of water, I found the microwave was now working like new.

Thank you guys

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  1. Great article sir,repair made easy.

  2. Was the magnetron an easy part to source for this model of microwave? Was it quite a generic type, hence easy to source? I always imagined that they were quite specific to each model?