Monday, January 31, 2022

Von hotpoint 2.0 Channel Surround speakers model HA160200 inputs not responding(stuck) now repaired

 I received this machine from my neighbor who wanted it checked by a technician.

The  complaints was machine has no response from the inputs keys, Non was working.

I took the machine with me to the workshop and upon opening it I scanned the board and I could not see any area which looked suspects in terms of stress or blackened as you can see below.

I did some voltage testing and everything looked good.

I decided check the small circuit board which control the inputs.

Accessing this circuit was not easy since the manufacturer decided not to make it accessible easily, no screws or hooks, just used the hot melt glue to fix the thing together.

Very unfortunate considering the customers has invested quite substantial amount of money but the quality was poor as you can see below.

Once  the small input module was out of the machine I again did some scanning and I noted a resistor with one leg broken right at the resistor body and therefore soldering it back together was not possible.

So I replaced it with another resistor with the same value which I got from my resistor repair kit.

More scanning revealed break on the pcb track and I sorted the broken track with a wire jumper as you see  below.

 After replacing the resistor and fixing the broken track, I decided to apply the power and to my surprise the problem was shorted.

Big problem, simple solution.

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  1. Good work brother. The broken track could have been caused by falling from high point. Just wondering what broke the resistor. Otherwise if it was a complicated problem does it mean you replace the whole input unit?