Tuesday, September 14, 2021

TLS woofer came in with low audio output now repaired


I received this woofer from a client who wanted it checked by a technician.

According to her the woofer no base but the rest is working well.

I did the test to confirm what she said and noted the woofer symptoms were different from what she gave. The actual symptom was low audio output.

I opened the woofer and this is what I saw.

Once opening the woofer and did some scanning, I noted an area with dark burnt marks, in electronics dark area on the board are signs of stress.

Turned the both the other side and noted a resistor has been fixed across the burn marks, this is a low value resistor and therefore was acting as a fuse.

Next I followed that line and lead me to the amplifier i.c. Tda7379.

I tested the voltage on one pin of this resistor and noted it was fluctuating, I removed one pin from the circuit and the voltage went up, this lead me to conclude that the amplifier ic has some internal injuries and needed replacement.

I went to town looking for this part and got the part effortlessly.

I replaced the i.c and after applying the power, I noted the machine was restored back to normal.

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