Wednesday, August 25, 2021

49 inch LG led television model (49UJ634V) with backlight problem now repaired.

 I received a whatsups message from a neighbor with the following image taken from his television screen and wanted me to advice him about the issue.

As you can see from the image the top part is dark, from the screen shot I suspected backlight failure but was to confirm since from experience if one backlight fails for branded television like LG I expect the protection circuit to kick in and shut down the television.

The following day I went to the site and was shown the television and I decided to open it up and confirm my hypothesis.

After opening so many screws I was able to access the inside of the television as you can see below.

I pulled my led backlight tester and tested the two pins of led connector and noted the voltage was very low, with that I concluded backlight failure and the next move is to remove the screen (panel) in order to access the backlight.

Accessing led backlight is a delicate affair, I am not going into details since I have done that in my book LED repair case history volume1, where I have given a step by step guide on how to replace led backlight like a professional without breaking the panel.

After removing the panel/screen, I was now able to access the diffusers as you can see below.

Next is the reflector as you can see below.

And finally the backlights, I tested each strip and only one strip was working out of four strips, kindly note that for the 49 inch LG each strip has two strip left and right and therefore total number of strips in this television is eight pieces.

With the sample led strip I went to the shop and bought the whole sets of eight pieces including the one which was working since as you know leds used in backlight have life span which is usually 4 to 5 years.

According to the owner the television was already over 5 years and therefore changing all backlight at the same time was prudent idea to avoid call back.

If you what to learn more about backlight see this article here.

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  1. Roughly what percentage of the TV's original value did the eight strips cost? Presumably you consider this when discussing the economical viability of the repair with the client?