Saturday, March 15, 2014

How to start a mobile phone repair

Kabeya Brice From South Africa want to know the starting point in mobile phone repair.

Hi Humphrey

I am a junior electronic technician working as a SMPS repair technician in a company fixing satellite receiver.

 I have got project of building my own workshop where I can be repairing plasma, LCD, monitors and phones.

I already have books on those but I don’t not have any clue on how to repair phones and it seems like you an expert on that would you give me guidance like where should I start, what to read, which training to do, some courses link.
Just tell me how you can help.

Hi Kabeya,
Thanks for your email Kabeya, I am not an expert on mobile repair but I know a few things (generally mechanical problems).
Fortunately most of the mobile phone problems are simple and require simple solutions.
To get started I advice to search for any mobile phone service repair manual from the net and most likely you are get one.
Once you get one you can then go ahead and download and usually they have enough info for starting point.
Most importantly is to know how to open mobile phones and the tools used to open.
I suggest you start opening your own phone so that you can have confidence in opening others.
Usually if you find any equipment (especially) a phone not opening easily, this could point to a hidden bolts still not picked up.
Please don't force anything otherwise you may break the phone.
Kind regards

Anyone with good info on where to get mobile phone repairs info kindly share with us.


  1. Hi my friend humphrey and kabaye hhere is the link:

    1. Hi Zed, thank for sharing the link, any review of this ebook?

      regards Humphrey

    2. hi my friend i have not see this yet on hand. So i cannot comment i only find it in te internet and clickbank. hope it is ok.

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    1. Hi Admin, Thanks for sharing, any English version of this blog.

      Regards Humphrey

  3. 50% problems of mobile are solved by flashing the mobile firmware so try to learn process for firmware upgrade of various devices.........