Friday, April 4, 2014

CRT tv remote control repaired

One of my CRT tv repair course customer Mr. Michel Ndala,From DRC congo send in this repair report.

Hello Mr. Humphrey, today I applied the rule of your e-book page 95
and 96, to repair a remote control of CRT TV that did not work.

I am very happy to let you know that it worked very well and I tell you sincerely that great.

Imagine that remote control belonged to a policeman and he watched me work, and when I took the radio to try to the frequency of 530 KHz AM He understood nothing.

But when trying to the TV and it work perfectly he was very happy. Do you know, it was only a bad connection to the crystal leg.

Thank you very Much.

Below you can see the inside of a remote control. Most of the problems with remote control are mechanical.

Usually the crystal oscillator used in TV remote control oscillate at around 530 Khz.

Therefore if you tune your radio to AM band and tune around 530 KHz then you should get some pulses if the remote is working.

 Thank you guys

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