Thursday, February 27, 2014

make your own Series Lamp Current Limiter easily

Today i will be sending out my second newsletter to all my registered members to my mailing list an article on how you can make your own Series Lamp Current Limiter easily.

 Here is a preview of what to expect

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See you on the other side

Humphrey Kimathi


  1. What is the difference of this series bulb versus putting only 100 watts in substitute for fuse? In your news letter in series bulb why the fuse is not taken out? thanks

    1. Hi Zed, this will take care of whole equipment including protecting the fuse from fact if the fuse i broken i replace it first and start doing live test via this.
      regards Humphrey

  2. hi my friend. I am only curious. What is the difference between your series bulb versus putting only 100 watts in exchange for fuse in the fuse holder for the new components not to shorted in case there is any. in series bulb the fuse of equipment remain in the circuts according to what i see in your picture you provide

    1. Hi Zed.
      You can use this even when the equipment is not yet opened, this can help to know of any short in advance.
      You can use it to do live trouble shooting the equipment. Even if you short something by accident. No damage to the equipment etc
      Regards Humphrey

  3. Thank you my friend great information i have learned from. God bless you more.