Friday, February 14, 2014

HICON Television picture problem solved

Hi Humphrey
I had been fixing the CRT TV since last week. The TV name is HICON. The problem with the TV is the image was not clear.

 With the help of your free reports on the internet, I managed to look through the neck board scan through the board and found one electrolytic cap open and one resistor should read 33 ohms whereas it reads in Mega ohms. After changing these two components, I powered it on then the problem remains still the same. After all that, I uproot the CRT socket and clean the green corrosion on it, put it back then powered it on again the image came back to normal (clear) again.

The picture doesn't look good because the image was taken in the sunlight beams and shadows. Sorry about that, we are in the tropical.

 This article is prepared by Mr. Steward Moli
A repair tech from Australia

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