Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Epson projector model EB-S02 with “Error in Auto Iris” now repaired.

This projector was brought by a friend who needed it checked, I powered the machine and this is what I saw on the screen.

A technician is more or less like a medical doctor but medical doctors have added advantage since human being can talk and explain how they are feeling. 

In electronics we rely on symptoms and error codes if generated, in the case at hand we have “Auto iris error” code.

From the above error code, I did some research and noted the error is usually caused by problem with Auto Iris Assy.

To access this module you need to open up the machine below,Epson projector model EB-S02

After removing the cover

Motherboard now removed

Remove the optical engine Ass.

Auto Iris assembly is part of optical engine.

In human being,”The function of the iris in the eye is to control the amount of light that reaches the retina. It does this by changing the size of the pupil, the transparent window that allows light into the eye's interior.

The same case applies to projector auto Iris and therefore if there is an error on this assembly the Auto iris error will presents.

After accessing this module I scanned it and noted one of the blades was loose and hence not closing well and hence the error.

I tightened the small bolts and re-installed it back to the optical engine assembly and after powering it up the error was gone.

Thank up guys

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