Wednesday, July 14, 2021

32 inch SONY LED television model 32R420B dead, red lights blinks 6 times now repaired

 I received a phone call from a friend who wanted his television checked by a technician; I scheduled him the appointment and he logged in our office the following day.

First I wanted to confirm the symptoms he has given me before opening the television in his presence.

I noted the screen was trying to display but shutdown immediately.

After 30 seconds I noted the red light will start blinking, I decided to count the number of blinks and noted they were 6 blinks, 3 second break, and then start again.

From my experience 6 times blinks in Sony TV are usually caused by backlights failure, therefore I had to open to confirm if indeed it is the backlight or something else.

Opening LED television is a delicate affair and therefore care must be taken not to break the screen/Panel and cause more damage to the machine.

If you are new to LED televisions you may consider looking at this book here for detail on explanation how to access television backlight like a professional.

Upon accessing the backlight, I did the testing using my LED television backlight tester and got the results above on the 3 strips.

From the figures above you can see V1 has reading way up from the other two strips, also note that only7/8 LEDs were on and therefore need replacements.

LED have a lifespan and therefore whenever I find one strip or one led bead faulty I always change complete set to avoid customer coming back again with the same problem. This is particularly true with Sony televisions.

I went to the shop, bought the backlight, replaced and here is the final result.

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  1. When you say opening led tv is a deicate affair I appreciate what you are saying. I broke my own 15inch when I tried to modify it from older lcd with two tiny tubes facing each other to led strips.
    Otherwise thanks for sharing I have noted that one needs to replace whole strip and not individual leds.

  2. Good morning Hamphrey I have been trying join this wall but it seems am not getting through am there today pls help am a bit analogue thanks,, George