Saturday, April 17, 2021

Hisense 65-inch not loading(hanging) now repaired.

I got direct message on my FB account from a lady who wanted her television checked.

By the way we are not friends on FB but mutual friends and one of his friends complained about how is new television is misbehaving, I dropped a comment there and when this lady read my feedback she thought I can help in her case.

After contacting me we organized for the appointment for the site visit.

She provided her pin location and was able to reach her place effortlessly.

I was shown the television and I tried to reset (which the medical people call resuscitation) all in vain.

I went online and googled the model number then motherboard and I got the part was available at

I asked her if she was comfortable with board price and she agreed.

I ordered the board on her behave and within one month the board was here.

Again we planned the day to go and fix the board, I left my place early and by 9.00 am was at her gate.

The husband assisted me to bring the television down since it was fixed on the wall.

We laid the television on the carpet and worked from there since there was no other space for 65-inch television.

After opening many screws, I was able to access the mainboard and after comparing with what I had found they were exact match.

After replacing the board, I applied the power and the Television came up beautifully as you can see the final results here.

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  1. Humphrey, was replacing the board the only option? No component leval repair was possible or its not advisable