Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Sony DVD player model DVP-NS628P with “No disc” symptoms now repaired.

I received this DVD player from a client who got my contact via our estate whatup group, I picked the machine from his house and headed to my shop which is around 3Km from where I live.

Upon reaching the shop I applied the power to the DVD and noted the machine was taking too long to load the disc and after some few minutes displayed No disc error.

I then opened the DVD player and went straight to the disc loader section, first let me point out that the customer has hinted to me that the machine was from another technician who was not able to solve the problem.

Usually items from other technician are difficult to repair and therefore I was very careful because a tech with limited knowledge in repair would do more harm to the equipment through guesswork.

So I begin my troubleshooting by doing visual inspection for any mis-handling and noted a small micro switch which detect the Disc was not locking and this may explain why the disc kept on rotating because the machine could not detect the first track.

After solving the problem by a little twisting of the switch contact I re-tested the disc again and still got no disc symptoms.

I continued with my visual inspection and noted the flex ribbon cable connectors were worn out and I decided to replace and see if there is any improvement.

Kindly note that DVD players are precision machine and a small error on the setting can cause a lot of symptoms and no disc is the most common feedback whenever something go wrong around the pickup components.

After replacing the ribbon cable, I applied the power and the dvd was back to normal.

By Humphey Kimathi
Author of  DVD player repair guide


  1. So helpful really as I was repairing one but the no disc continued

  2. Quite good. Next time I open a DVD player I will look out for that minute switch which causes no disc Simptom. Am still at electronics repair and have gained ground in crt tv. What is your take on phones?

    1. Not an expert on phones but I think most phone problems are minor and easy to diagnose and repair if you have basic knowledge on how phone works.
      Regards Humphrey

  3. tres interessant et vous avez reparer se dvd avec beaucoup de prudence plus d experionce de travaille.
    merci de votre conseil de reparation dvd sony

    1. Merci et bienvenue monsieur.
      Cordialement Humphrey