Friday, February 14, 2020

Hotpoint woofer model HA14630BT came in stuck in standby NOW repaired

I received this audio machine from a customer who was referred to me by google search.

The complaints were as you can see, the machine was stuck in Bluetooth mode and never change and no action on remote or keyboard.

I opened the machine and did voltage testing while the front panel is connected and not connected and I noticed the 5 volt for the display was stable whether the front panel is connected or not.

But for the 3.30 volts for the micro was not stable, when connected I was getting 1.30 volts and when disconnected was getting 3.30 volts.
This made me to conclude that the problem was on the small circuit board controller.

Top side

Bottom side.

I scanned the board with naked eyes and did not get any suspect and also the ic was running cool.

Checked the components, I did not get any culprit and therefore decided to visit the repair shop to buy the module.

I got one and back to the shop, installed the module and after installing the machine was restored back.

Thank you friends

See you in the next class