Friday, February 17, 2017

Simple test for Cathode ray tube (CRT) bad or not.

To do this test, be sure you have the screen voltage presence and the heater is lighted and HV is present.

Take a resistor 12K by 3 watt (you can salvage this from an old CRT tube.

Solder both ends on the resistor to a wire with crocodile clip as shown here below.

To test if the tube is good or not just clip one end of this gadget you have just made to the cold ground of the TV and the other end to each RGB cathode pins separately.

If you get all the three colors appear with the same intensity then you can assume the tube is good.

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  1. Good Tip Sir,
    it is OK to try this trick while TV is already "ON" or first we have to connect this resister on testing point then turn TV "ON" ??.

    1. Hi Panchal,
      Yes, should be live end is fixed on the cold ground and the other end moves between the test points(RGB)
      Regards Humphrey

  2. thanx Humphrey for this tip,so how do we regun or rejuvenate crt tube