Monday, October 31, 2016

Causes of vertical in LCD Television

Vertical lines in LCD television maybe as a result of several causes and here is am going to highlight a few which may be considered main causes.

1. Top on the list is the T-con board (timing control board) this is a small board usually under shield, used to converts the video signal into something the LCD panel can understand (synchronizing).

So if the board has a problem may cause complete no picture or vertical lines on the screen.

2. Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS). Converts the 8-bit parallel RGB video information into a set of high speed serial lines for noise-free transmission to the T-CON board.

So if this cable is damaged the transfer of the signal from the processor to the LCD screen will be affected and therefore this may also cause vertical and horizontal lines on the screen.

3. LVDS connector. Sometime the tab connector to the LVDS cable may get loose and this also can cause vertical lines on the screen, that is why it is important to always check the cable is well connected.

If you get vertical lines on the screen or even the screen is blank could point to a loose connection at the tabs.

That's all for today friend, if you want to go deeper check out more material here. and for those interested in LCD Monitor repair i highly recommend the eBook below.

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