Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Aucma CRT television screen blank but power ON led lighted.

I received an Aucma television assembled here in Kenya in my shop for repair, the screen was blank and therefore I decide to open it for further investigating.

The power ON light was green and therefore I expected the power supply was okay and therefore after opening the set I went straight to the RGB circuit.

Just before I was about to pull my meter to do some voltage testing on this circuit I noticed that the heater light was ON.

Once I saw the heater bulb was ON I kept aside the meter and proceeded to the fly back transformer looking for the screen POT.

I adjusted it slightly and the screen was now full of light, but there were retrace lines across the screen and I guessed I have set the screen voltage too high.

So I continued to adjust the screen voltage down and still I could not solve this problem of retrace lines.

So I decided to continue with checking the voltage at the CRT neck board, I started with the RGB voltages and I noted they are all high.

I checked the voltages at the base of the RGB transistors and I got Zero volts in all the three transistors. This explains why the RGB voltage was high, since there was no bias voltage (base) all the three transistors behaved as if they were open.

I followed back this circuit down to the jungle I.C. The TV was using I.C TDA11105, on this I.C the RGB out were labeled clearly and therefore I decided to test the voltages and still got almost zero volts.
I was not happy with this voltage and I was about to begin blaming the jungle ic as the cause of the problem.

I normally do this as the last my resort and therefore I was careful not to make quick conclusion about this i.c.

While still thinking about what next, I remembered when testing the RGB connector at the neck of the CRT tube I was expecting at the four pins at least the R to be around 2 volts,G=2 volts B=2 volts then zero ground and around 8 volts.

I remembered the 8 volts was reading 4 volts and therefore decided to do some testing on the line.

From the main I.C pin 42 was supposed to be 8 volts and when I measured it I got again 4 volts which is still suspicious.

Usually when voltage drop can be a hint for a shorted component or filter capacitor on that line has developed his ESR and therefore I tested all the Capacitor with an ESR meter and all tested good.

Then I decided to do resistance test along the 8 volts line to see what is blocking this voltage.

When testing across one diode I noted the meter beep on both sides of the diode and to me this was not normal.

Actually I was testing from the bottom side and therefore what made me become curious is while testing for continuity I noticed a beep when the meter was on the live line and when on the ground and this lead me to conclude that there is a shorted component on that line and the ground. (Tip, the best place to pick a shorted line is testing across the filter capacitor between positive (+) and negative (-) leg)… any beep means there is a component shorted on that line.

When I got the beep both sides of the diode highlighted below.  I decided to lift one leg out of the circuit and re-test and indeed I still got a beep and therefore concluded that the diode was sorted.

Looking on the circuit board I noted it was not just a diode but a zener diode.

To know the voltage rating with this diode I figured out that since it was for 8 volts source then it must be rated around 8.2 volts and went to the shop to get one since I did not have this in my store.

I replaced the zener diode and applied power and I was happy with what I show on the screen…Back to normal.


  1. Hi Mr Humphrey as always your articles are very interesting and informative and wish you would post more frequent articles as I like your detective work to find the culprit.

    1. Thanks Marco your feedback, Request noted.
      Regards Humphrey

  2. dear Humphrey ,
    thanks for this info.you are making my (others )life easier when faced with similar problems .we will not waste much time trying to experience new things but to go straight to the touch points,thank you again.

    1. Thanks and welcome Ennest for your feedback. all the best.

      Regards Humphrey

  3. Thanks with this great article! May God always love those person who is kind all the time...Regards,Mhel

    1. Thanks for the blessings Romel, God bless you too.
      Regards Humphrey

  4. This wasn't an easy fix.it tell me that voltage testing its very vital

    1. Well put my friend, voltage testing has no equal when it comes to troubleshooting.
      Regards Humphrey

  5. Humphrey I am always on this site looking for your newer teachings. How I wish I was still at MTK Hq. As at I could have completed my course you being the teacher.

  6. hi good day Mr. Humphrey...
    your a great in electronics...
    can help me this kind of problem..
    my brohter-in-law has a junk 29" china tv brand is meque.
    they junk this tv and buy a new one..
    this tv has flyback transformer problem.
    they bring this to a technician and the problem came out a flyback transformer is dead. ater almost 4 yrs they decided to repair this tv but unfortunately
    the flyback transformer has been mis placed. i was able to replace it
    but i dont have any part number of that FBT.
    can you help me this problem??

  7. hi mr.humphrey..
    can you help me my problems??

  8. i am also getting zero volts at RGB output. There is no any component short. Is it LA76810a got short or any other component. Actually i swapped 8v and zero volt cables and problem aroused.