Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Another great way to test for remote control without presence of the appliance

A friend of mine and an electronics repairer from Fiji islands sends me this report on how to test a remote control.

While I was playing with one remote control of my DVD player, I was thinking the sensor is just a LED, but why it cannot light when we press the buttons.

I brought it close to my eyes and was trying to view the lightening of that LED.

Hopefully in some remotes we can see a little blink if LED, but as far as I have seen in remotes which are produced nowadays are hard to view the light of the LED with our naked eyes.

May be the signal light is so tiny that we cannot see it with our naked eyes.

I thought to use my mobile phone camera to magnify the signal light and see if it is visible.

I was so happy, actually to see the LED lightening while watching it though the camera.

Here are the pictures I took:

It can be perorated that ,if a remote is not working it will not have its LED lightened when you press the buttons.TRY THIS OUT WITH A GOOD REMOTE AT HOME

So all my repairer friends there is a very good tester for remotes, which is always in your pockets (Our mobile phones with cameras).

After reading this article I decided to do the same test using my tablet and the result were the same (positive) as you can see the pictures below

This article is prepared by Atish Chand, a repairer from Fiji Islands

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