Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Android Phone tablet no audio after factory data reset

After installing a certain application to my phone tablet, I noticed it has become too slow and sometimes not responding to touch and therefore I decided to do "Factory Data Reset".

 Everything went as expected and it was successful as you can see on the picture below.

I re-installed the application from the backup file and I was now ready to resume normal services.

After doing several test I was happy to note that the tablet is now faster and works like new.

Before long I received a phone call and noticed that there was no ring tone and so I went straight to audio profiles, to my amazement I noticed it was not set to silent mode and thought maybe it the volume which was low.

So I slide it all the way up and still nothing happened, no sound, I tried to play video and again no sound. That is when I realized I have a problem here.

I started playing around with the gadget to find where I have muted the audio without success.

The next move is to Google to see if there is someone out there who might have encountered such a problem and indeed I noticed it is a BIG issue to many folks out here.

I followed many advices given and nothing worked, one thing I was sure of is that this problem has nothing to do with hardware since it happened after the Factory data reset.

I became too busy trying to figure out where the master reset audio is and again I was not lucky, so I decided to just reset the tablet using the reset key at the side of the tablet as the last resort.

After resetting the tablet by inserting a pin on the small hole at the side of this tablet solved the audio problem.

Kindly note that this hole is not same as the mike slot; in most cases it is labeled RESET.

Thanks you guys
Humphrey Kimathi


    the problem is all electronic manufacturer have the fever of making their products small and smaller and again smaller and a competition is going on between them this is endless and also this is a way for their propaganda .meanwhile a user must search and search to find a tiny hole to rest the the gadget with a pin ! any way it is a great discovery and thanks for articles

  2. Thanks Beh for your feedback and input.
    regards Humphrey

    i am really thankful of god that via internet i can talk to you and have benefit .your articles are fruitful
    always for me

    1. Thanks and welcome Beh, It is a pleasure meeting such a gentleman like you.
      Regards Humphrey