Thursday, November 14, 2013

How to modify ESR meter probe

I bought this ESR meter from eBay but I realized that the probes were too short for me to use comfortably and therefore I decided to do something about the probe length without compromising the overall accuracy of the meter.

To minimize interference from the EMI signal I decided to use RF shielded cable like the ones used for carrying audio signals(eg speaker wires)

I used 60cm long shielded RF cable, a pair banana plug and a pair of crocodile clip.  You can easily swap the probes to use them on the capacitance meter also.

Original probe…too short for in circuit testing

Modified probe with crocodile clip-Very good for in circuit testing and out of circuit testing:

Modified probe with ordinary sharp pointed probes-Very good for in circuit testing (both under the circuit and components side where capacitors are many and crowded


  1. hi my friend nice improvise of esr meter probe. it is cheaper than blue esr. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Zed, Sure,i bought it at $60 US dollars but i believe the blue E.S.R is superior quality
      regards Humphrey