Monday, April 22, 2013

Feedback from a satisfied customer from Isebania Kenya.

A Customer from Kenya bought my latest eBook on

CRT TV Real Life Repair Experience Guide Volume1 and here is what he said about the eBook.

At first I was afraid I would lose my money buying a book via the net this is because there are too many fraud sites in the net. So when i noticed that I needed your e-book, I wasn’t sure whether I was to trust you or not.

 But I later decided to try you and the result was amazing. In less than five minutes after payment you had played your part of the game and loo! The book is soo good that after going through some of the chapters in less than thirty minutes, I found great solutions to some of the jobs that had been lying in my workshop as irreparable.

 In fact the book paid itself and big profits the very day. This book is easy to understand even for beginners since it is well laid out and explained in plain English. 

My word to those who are out there and afraid they will lose their investments, "don’t be afraid this is not a scam it is real and Kimathi is a gentleman.

Right now I am working with him to buy an ESR meter for myself from eBay." Try his books and you will never regret instead of regretting to have not tried.

I have already placed the order for the gentleman for the esr meter from ebay and here is the details.

This eBook is currently on offer at @9.95 USA dollars
For more details about the ebook kindly click on the book cover

The Customer did not have a PayPal account and therefore he paid via M-pesa which readily available here in Kenya.

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