Saturday, March 30, 2013

Feedback and customer support all the way from Barbados islands

Hello Humphrey,

This is Winston from Barbados. I've bought your book CRT TV Repair and I am getting through quite well because of how well the information is presented.

My problem now is that I have 2 TV's that were showing Red only, and one that was showing Green only. I was able to get proper color restored, by re-soldering dried joints on the CRT neck board, but now all the TVs (27 inches, different brand names) show too dark screen.

When I make adjustment at Screen pot at back of FBT, the picture gets brighter, but retrace lines appear, and/ or the picture rolls vertically. I've measured about 4VAC at Heater terminal at FBT at each TV.

I don’t know what to do next. I need help because my friends are telling their friends that I am the greatest TV tech they know...

Hi Winston,

Thanks for the feedback and congratulations, I can see you are doing a great job as far as Tv repairs is concerned.

Also the information you have given me about the two TVs you are dealing with is very important....what maybe you have not said about is the voltage of the RGB amplifier know the 180 Volts plus...if this voltage is high the screen also becomes dark.

Also measure the base voltage of all the RGB drive transistors...should be at least 2 Volts

Final remarks...I strongly advice you re-solder again the RGB amplifier transistors and also the R-G-B out from the jungle I.C...this is very suspect.

Finally do a thorough re-soldering on every area you are not happy with on this far I don't see any spares required on this assignment unless the tube is weak and again this is very rare.

All the best.


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