Friday, August 10, 2012

DVD repair success report all the way from Iran.

One of my Customers of my latest ebook on DVD repair Mr. Beh from Iran send me this repair report.  

First of all thank you for your all good information that I got from your book DVD PLAYER REPAIR GUIDE in assisting me to repair my DVD player.

After 7 years of hard work my faithful DVD PLAYER TBCO MODEL 9030 failed to work?!
LCD display panel of DVD gave me ERROR and this indicates something serious has happened inside the machine. By studying your book now I am armed with knowledge on what to do and where to go inside the DVD player.

After opening the cover of DVD  and beside of dc output terminal I found all proper voltages that must be go out of the board so I check them all Four dc voltage were present as follows 3.3+,   5+,   9+, and   9- volts.

The 5+ and 9+ volts output were stable but 3.3 + was 3.49Volts which is strange and therefore suspected something was wrong on the power supply.

I took the voltages with a very precise digital voltmeter from the 3.3 + volt pine of terminal checking all the components on the line.

In the way back on the PCB I found a cap with 1000 micro by 10 volt which my escort capacitor checker find out that the value of capacitor is changed value to
800 uF but ESR of capacitor was more or less good. Also on that line there was a big schotheky diode SR 306. 60 v-3 A was connected to this electrolyte capacitor.

I tested this diode with my analog ohmmeter set to 10Xk   and was found leaking and therefore needed replacement.

I replaced the diode with SB560   60V -6A and a new capacitor and the ERROR disappeared from LCD Panel and DVD return back to life

This article was contributed by Mr. Beh.

An electronics repairer based in Tehran in Iran

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