Monday, July 30, 2012

A short note from Trinidad West Indies

After launching my second eBook on DVD repair guide I have been getting lots of feedback but this one caught my attention let hear what My Andre all the from  Trinidad West Indies has to say.

Andre: Good Day, I bought your book on DVD repairs and I must say you make it look so easy to repair. I have been buying most of Jestine books on electronics and with your book it looks easy.

 I have an old RCA5240PB DVD player that a friend gave me. When I hit the power button the unit is completely dead. 

With your book I think I can solve the problem, I have been trying for months now trying to repair it with no luck. So let's see if I can repair it with the help from your book. I will let you know the outcome.

Humphrey: Hi Andre,I like what I hear from you, full of confidence and determination. Go for it.
In the mean time let me stand here waiting for your success report from Trinidad West Indies.

All the best

Regards Humphrey

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