Thursday, July 14, 2011

Homemade ESR meter assembled n working

Roger:  what is the purpose of 100k potentiometer in your ESR diagram? what will be the settings, for now I started to assemble the ESR  tester… it’s almost done…the IC TL062 or TL072 is lacking,,,  it’s hard to find the ic…but I’ll try other electronics stores …

Humphrey: The 100K pot is like the zero adjusts of your analogue meter. So it will be used to adjust to zero when using the esr meter attached to your analogue meter. Please try and get any of these two ic...they are very cheap in the market.

Roger:  sir, good day…I finish assembling the esr…but when I switch ON, only little flick…when I short the two leads at the esr… no movement…I used ceramic disc caps,,102m,,,104m,,, is this right sir? I check the vcc pin of ic TL062,pin 8 there is 5 volt there, but I wondering why that no movement or not functioning…I check also the ic pins 5-6-7-8,,jumper,,pls,advise me sir...thanks

Humphrey: That little flicker is try to turn the P.O.T knob all the way with the  two probes shorted together and see if it goes to zero and come back to me. The 102 and 104 are of luck.

Roger:  Sir, I try your advise no effect even though I adjust the pot 100k ohms…

Humphrey: Let me have the picture of your assembled circuit both bottom and components side (main esr circuit only)

Humphrey: your pictures are not clear but I am able to pick some few things...

1. Did you cut the 4 track on the underside of the ic 4 pins...i can’t see them.

If they are not that means the ic is doing nothing because it is just shorted on the 4 pins...

2. I can’t see the jumper wire from pin 8 of the ic to 100 K resistor.

3. I see jumpers on the underside what are they doing there.

Finally let me say this…This circuit which I reproduced here is the one I used to make mine and I have not added or subtracted anything and so it should work.

Please note my template is the road map. You should follow it the way it is...

Please if you think you have not followed the template to the letter you can start again because i see the ic is on socket and therefore you can always re-use it...

Again after assembly you will get something like the one I have done because I used the same template to do mine.

Roger:  Good news sir, the esr is working now…I analyzed what you have advised…I think I mislead the jumper at the bottom of ic…, when I looked at the diagram…so I immediately cut the jumper at pins 5,6,7,8,,,is shorted….after that i test its viola sir….thanks for your support sir, I really appreciate…God bless you…,now I can practice testing bad caps……

Compiled  by  Humphrey Kimathi

Author CRT Television repair course


  1. viva humphrey . dose this ESR meter cheack the
    caps less than 1 micro?

  2. Hi Beh,For non electrolytic capacitors they have ESR of 5 ohms and above. On my meter capacitor 0.1uF(no104) reads 5 ohms, Capacitor no.105 reads 15 ohms and capacitor 473 reads 30 ohms.
    Capacitor no 224/244/474 behaves funny and the meter hand goes past the zero mark. i am yet to know how this meter will behave if they are faulty...regards humphrey

  3. Hi Humphrey
    I'm interested building the ESR meter too.Can you send me schematic diagram and complete parts list? Well, I can't afford buying the Blue ESR meter of Anatek that's why I will make effort to build one.


  4. Hi Romeo, copy and paste this link on your browser for more details:

    Kind regards

  5. Hi Sir i have made this ESR tester but it was not working fine my analog multimeter was not moving even i was short test leads. i use transformer from my nokia cell phone good charger and use TL062 ic. could you help for fixing that?

    1. send me the picture of the assembled tester both top view and bottom view and let see how i can help you
      regards Humphrey

  6. can you add a propper schematic to your esr meter? because your "schematic" you added has very low resolution, even zomming in it