Monday, May 16, 2011

Panasonic CD STEREO SYSTEM. AM/FM RADIO Model no.SA-AK5 CD & Cassette player not working

Panasonic CD STEREO SYSTEM. AM/FM RADIO Model no.SA-AK5 CD & Cassette player not working.

This Panasonic radio/CD player with over 10 years of service was brought to me because the CD player and also cassette player was not working at all but radio more or less is good.

After opening the cover I found 10years old dust inside, i used the blower to clean off first.
I decided to started with CD section which has the problem of not able to READ the CD ” NO CD” display.

 Because of too much dust inside the machine I decided to clean the laser eye with white alcohol using Q-tip.

After cleaning the laser eye the CD stereo start working again.

Next I took a look at power supply which was linear(not SMPS)  The power supply consisted of a big transformer (step down AC in the entrance of AC VOLTAGES) and a relay, two big electrolytic capacitors, four big diodes as a bridge rectifier  and two ic regulators and some resistors. 

The machine works only with two voltages sources:- 5 volt for all parts except motor of the cassette compartment and the amplifiers that works with 14 volt. 

After a tour on power supply section i noticed there was a problem in cassette recorder section.

This section is dead ,no movement is seen here motor belts more or less are good but motor is not working at all I checked the voltages to motor.Yes the voltages were good but the motor is not working.

So i decided to change the motor as well as the belts. I found the motor in our market with same code Number but the vendor said this is 12 volt motor.

I have to mention that I changed the belts with smaller size because the belts after 10years of service and due to heat inside the machine are getting stretched and did not fit into the motor rail well and therefore needed replacement with new one.

After changing the motor and belts the Cassette section also started working.

Author of this article is Mr Beh.
A professional repairer based at Tehran - Iran.

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