Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Epson projector model EB-S02 with “Error in Auto Iris” now repaired.

This projector was brought by a friend who needed it checked, I powered the machine and this is what I saw on the screen.

Monday, April 4, 2022

40 inch Samsung LED television model UA40J5000AK dead now repaired!

I received a call from a client who wanted his television checked by a technician.

It was within the estate, so using the direction he gave I was able to locate the place effortlessly.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

14 inch JVC CRT television model AV-14FMG3B hit by power surge now repaired.

I was visiting a client, who wanted her television checked by a technician; she has left a message to her neighbor who has a shop on the same block to direct me to her house.

Once I reached the shop, I introduced myself and my mission there, while talking to the lady another client of mine whom I have repaired  his television previously passed by and as we greeted each he mentioned that I really helped him to revive his dead television.

The shop owner heard the conversation and was interested to see if I can revive her television which was hit by power surge and decided to keep it in the store.

I proceeded to my mission and while coming back I found the lady has already picked the television from the store waiting for me.

I opened the television and since it was hit by power surge I was much interested on the power supply which always super heavy casualties once hit by power surge.

First I checked the state of the main capacitor and found its top part lightly swollen.

With this I concluded indeed this was power surge, sorry I did not take a photo before removal from the board.

Friday, March 11, 2022

Von Hotpoint microwave model HMG-202DB with “no heating problem” now repaired.

I received this microwave from my neighbor who wanted it checked by a technician.

The owner told me that there was a loud bang and since that time they set it aside (store) and were planning to buy another one since they considered the issue as beyond repair.

I took it with me to my shop and once I applied the power I noted it was powering on well, I placed a glass full of water and hit express button and after 30 seconds I checked the water and found it was still cold.

I then decided to open up the machine and do some troubleshooting.

Monday, January 31, 2022

Von hotpoint 2.0 Channel Surround speakers model HA160200 inputs not responding(stuck) now repaired

 I received this machine from my neighbor who wanted it checked by a technician.

The  complaints was machine has no response from the inputs keys, Non was working.

I took the machine with me to the workshop and upon opening it I scanned the board and I could not see any area which looked suspects in terms of stress or blackened as you can see below.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

43 inch Hisense television hit by power surge now repaired

I was sitting in my shop working when I heard a loud bang and then power in my shop went off.

I went outside and noted some people near my shop pointing where the bang came from, Power transformer has blown.

Being a weekend the power was not restored until Monday, coming back to my shop I passed by a shop nearby and the shopkeeper told me the power was restored back but most of his items were dead.

Among them was power supply for his kerosene pump, I went to my shop and did some testing, luckily only my laptop was plugged to power outlet by the time of power purge.

I checked it out and noted it was dead as dodo, that a story for another day.

A few minutes later I received a phone call from my landlord, complaints was that his TV has not worked since the day of the power surge.

Being month end and I had to pay bills including rent, I decided to treat this as urgent, I went to his house, picked up the television and brought it to the workshop for repairs.

Upon opening the television I went straight to the safety components starting with the main fuse which as you can below it was open.

Monday, November 8, 2021

Clubox woofer producing Humming Noise now repaired!

  I received this woofer from a customer who wanted it checked by a technician.

He hinted that the woofer was from another technician who was not able to repair it.

Items from other technician are tricky to repair especially if the tech had limited knowledge on how circuit works, they ends up making so much experiments and guess works and therefore chances of repair is quite low.

Nonetheless I decided to have a try and see if I can help this customer who seemed desperate to see his machine back to normal status.

After opening the set I found the main filter capacitor rated 470uF/25V has its top part swollen.

From the symptoms at hand the failure of this capacitor fits so well and I was very confident this was one of the easy fix.

I pulled a replacement capacitor from my capacitor kit quickly and decided to do test and the machine came up beautifully.