Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Sony home theater push power protection error now repaired. (Model DAV-DZ270)

A client home theater displayed “push power protection” error on its display board and figured out that this could be a small issue and can be sorted out by himself.

So he decided to ask google and when he did the search for the error google referred him here.

After going through the article he noted the writer of the article is from Kenya and being also a Kenyan decided to call me to help him out on this funny error.

When I received his call he told me that he is from Nairobi and wanted to know which part of Nairobi I come from so that we can link up.

I told him our shop is in Utawala and to his surprise he was also from Utawala, a walking distance from my shop.

I booked him the appointment and came the following Saturday after work since he works around the area (Jomo Kenyatta international Airport).

After receiving him in my shop we did a little introduction and work begins.

First was to confirm what the customer said and therefore I plugged the machine to the power socket and pressed power on button and this is what I saw.

This confirmed the customer complaint and therefore I had to open the machine.

After opening the machine, I did thorough scanning of the power board and main board and I could not get any suspect area or component and hence decided to pull my meter and do some voltage testing.

Please remember the machine was getting on for a few seconds and then go into push power protection mode and therefore to test the power supply output will take several attempt since once the “protect is on” the voltage from the power supply is cut off to the main board.

After doing it several times I was happy with the power supply and therefore I should concentrate with the main board.

On the main board the focus now is on the amplifier ic which are power hungry or power guzzlers for those who use V8.

To access the amplifier I.C one need to remove the big aluminum mold called heat sink as you can see below.

After removing the heat sink I was able to access the amplifier ic as you can below.

I decided to apply the power without the heatsink and noted one of the six ic was getting very hot and figured out this could be the culprit and to confirm I soldered it out of the circuit.

 I applied the power and this is what I saw.

Push power protection error NOW gone.


So what is push power protection error in Sony home theater all about?

Sony products has state of the art design in the market and come in equipped with internal safety control such that if something goes wrong like shorted component which can cause the machine to draw high current, then the machine will go into protect mode to avoid further damage to the system.

The highly monitored circuit here is the power supply and the amplifier circuit which run at high current and high


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  1. You are doing great job bro. Fly to higher heights. Now I know How. Thanks.

    1. Thanks and welcome bro.

      regards Humphrey

    2. Did you replaced the faulty IC with a new IC

    3. Great work. Looks like smd spares are totally missing in Kenyan market. This has send many items to the dustbin especially cheaper items like radios and blue tooth speakers.

  2. Great work. Am encouraged. Looks like smd spares are totally missing in Kenyan market... sending many items to the dustbin especially cheaper items like radios and blue tooth speakers.

  3. I've been reading your repair articles since 4yrs you doing great in this field of electronics I salute you bro

  4. Hi Sir, great work, long time no chat,Ernest from Zimbabwe.I am having aproblem with China CRTV board 21inch, it blew ot the B+ 160v capacitors, (2) and have noticed that the B+ line from the chopper is around 400v and before I changed the Diode and voltage adjuster Pot i was readinfg 1 in the 1000vdc raange, nov it is blowing out all the in line filter caps in the secondayr side.Thanks

  5. How much does your services cost my hometheater displays pushpower protect