Monday, January 13, 2020

43 inch Samsung plasma television (model PS43F4500) dead, red led blinking 3 times now repaired.

A client contacted me via my Facebook ad with an issue of faulty Samsung television.

Since the advert was broadcasted in the city of Nairobi, I expected him to be from within the city but it turned out he was from quite far place from where my workshop is.

I pointed to him my willingness to repair his television but distance does not favor us.

He promised to bring the machine up to my shop when coming to Nairobi and I left it at that.

After a few months I received a phone call from unknown number and it turned out to be a client who wanted me to check out on his television.

I gathered my few test equipment and headed to the place which is about 16 kms from my shop.

Upon arriving at the site using google map I knocked at the door and a gentleman opened the gate for me and introduced himself as the guy who wanted his television checked from the Facebook ad.

The television was brought out to me well packed.
I unpacked it and as usual applied power to confirm the symptoms before opening it up.

I confirmed the 3 times blinking and nothing else.
After opening, I scanned the power supply board, main board, and the XY-drive board and could not see any suspicious area which needed special attention.

My first suspect was failed capacitor and I used my ESR meter to test all filter capacitor on the power supply and the XY drive board and all were found good.

I shifted my attention to dry joints and I found several dry joints on the power board and thought this will cure the problem but I was very wrong. Still 3 times blinking.

I did voltage testing and I noted power on voltage is coming on briefly and the off.

This means the micro is sending the power on command but realizing all is not well and shutdown.
I decided to touch the top of all the ics on the main board with my finger and noted the main was getting very hot.

I decided to do a first aid on this ic and the others on the main board using hot air and after I was done and happy with the first aid I decided to apply the power.
Observing the led on the main board noted it is now stable and it was blinking every second once and very stable.
I pulled my meter and noted all voltages are back and stable.

Since the television was upside down, I decided to turn it up and see if there is anything on the screen and since the television was outside and plenty of lights from the sun, the screen looked dark but with keen observation I noted the screen has “no signal”, this means the television is now okay and it is just waiting for the Ariel(signal).

I assembled everything and went inside to test and this is what I saw.

 A very worried gentleman.

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