Monday, September 9, 2019

JIEPAK 19 inch Led television dead now repaired

A customer brought in 19 inch Led television for check up, complaint was the television was not able to power up.

It was attempting then shut down in cycles, since it was using power adapter I tested the output from the adapter power supply and I got 12.44 vdc.
This looks okay according to the printed output on the adapter body.

So now I was ready to go the next level, opening the television and do further troubleshooting.

But before that I decided to swap the power adapter with the one I use in the shop for testing television in case the owner forgot to bring it along.

After powering the television I was surprised to see the TV has picked up and now working perfectly.
With this I concluded the problem was on the power adapter, but did I not get 12.44 Vdc?

Yes but sometimes the power output can read okay but fail under load and the best method of solving this problem is by substitution or use a load at the output.

The assumption that the television was the problem changed with the new development and therefore I opened the power adapter and this is what I saw.

These capacitors were rated 1000uF/16V and i replaced them with 1000uF/25V to avoid repeat repair.

After replacing and re-testing this I what saw on the screen.

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  1. Great lesson.Things aren't always what they look like. You saved the customer. I been to electronics shop today and so a customer buy led power supply module to replace a dead one expensively and now that I'm reading this article I can't help thinking that his power supply could have been easily repaired.Techs do a great job to save the environment.

    1. Thanks for your feedback and passing by

      Regards Humphrey