Saturday, October 15, 2016

14 inch LG super slim Television with wide horizontal line repaired.

I received a phone call from a customer who wanted to have his TV checked by a technician and on my way home from work, I passed by his place.

On reaching the place I found the TV already on and the audio was present and clear but the screen as you can below.

Besides the wide horizontal line also I noted the picture was tearing down. With this without touching the screw driver I concluded the problem is on the vertical circuit and the most probable culprit would be capacitor which filter the vertical circuit.

I took the TV with me and within ten minutes the TV was on the operation table on my workbench, I pulled my screw drive and upon opening the set my eyes went straight to the secondary side of the power supply looking for any capacitor with the top swollen and indeed I picked two capacitor with that symptoms as you can see below.

Usually I never test capacitors with top swollen since some times they short and if you test them using ESR meter they will test good and therefore the best place to put them is in the dustbin.

The two capacitors were rated 470uF/35v and 100uF/35 volts each and I pulled them out and replaced them with readily available part in my shop but this time I decided to use the same capacitance but voltage rating  63 Volts just in case that line experience higher voltages.

The capacitors reference on the P.C.B was C567 (470uF/35v) and C568 (100uF/35V) respectively as you can see below.

After changing just the two capacitors, now it was time to test the machine and I applied power to the television and this is what I saw.

The process took me less than 30 minutes and charged the customer $15 dollars, the customer was all smiles, so was I.
Thank you guys.
See you in the next class.

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