Sunday, December 6, 2015

Customer support and ebook replacement

Some times customers come back to me even after two years when they lose there eBooks due to computer crash or tablet/iPhone.

In this case i check out from my database to confirm you actually bought the eBook and replace them immediately.

This happen to a customer from Antigua & Barbuda Mr Songre osmenep

Two year ago..

Hi Humphrey, I have never forgotten you and you are always on my mind. I must say you have open my eyes so much to electronics TV and DVD repair and I am just so grateful to you...because you have helped me so much that you are constantly in my prayers and you and your family will always be blessed. This is the way I make my living to help compliment my wife and to help feed my kids so for me it's very important. You would not believe the simple and most important things I have learned from you like the testing of the power supply which is my greatest challenge and so much more.....anyways please tell me again the price for the book; I will be sending the money Via Western Union or Money Gram within the next two weeks. I am so impressed with you Sir that I keep saying that if it was feasible for me I would visit Kenya to meet Just so proud of you Sir. I really need this book and any other thing you may recommend as we go along. You are my friend. Keep me posted with the price of book in US dollars and God Bless....Thanks

This month.....
Humphrey, Season Greetings and all the best to you and the family I am going to take you up on this offer because I really need to learn, I lost the first book I got from you was never able go back to it, not sure where it went from my email address account. I am just not getting through I get a lot of Jobs a lot of people respects me and come to me daily. At present I have a lot of un finish TV's at my House but I just can't seem to grasp on to my God given Talent...I will buy the Books but I need you to help me please, It’s a great Offer because I was thinking in the New year with someone who has offered to help me set up a shop, so this is a great opportunity at this time.....but will you help me? I want to learn. At the Moment my tester is faulty so I have ordered a new one and a de-soldering tool...also working on getting the ESR tester. At present the Microwaves are a big thing and people pay for those instantly very important to them, so I have been some of these. Good luck and respond. Thanks. Songre

Which book is this I replace immediately?

Regards Humphrey

It is the CRT Television repair course EBook, I bought it sometime ago and had to retrieve or download it through a link but that link must have since expired. I was never able to find out how to get it back after my hiatus from the TV repair sometime ago. I have calculated it will cost about US $74.00 for the Deals you are offering me not sure I will be able to do it before the 16th but I will try....I thank you.... Songre

Just send you CRT television repair course... So now the figure will go down.

Sounds like you have a potential of growing your business to a higher level.

Regards Humphrey

Humphrey my Friend I have 9 television here waiting to be repaired and because of my clientele who believes in me a lot that as soon as I get these repaired I get my cash immediately and is folks I have dealt with over the years, I try to very selective with some clients because some can be very problematic, impatient and just not worth it because they will not want to pay at the end and all your time and effort would have been wasted. Now let me tell you about 4 of those Tv's that I have here that once I repair and deliver them without any Notice I would get payment instantly....especially this season where people want their equipments.

I have 2 Sharp 21FL96 Tv's which have the same problem and I can say for a fact it is a case history because of the Identical problem they both works perfectly when put on but will turned off eventually and will have to be unplugged and switch back on which at times might be awhile, sometime ago I read on a blog about it that particular case history and my hiatus and crashing of my PC I do not remember where I saved the information but suffice to say what I remembered is that the gentleman insisted it was the Regulator STR W6753 but I can't be for certain the reasons because I lost the File, anyways I need to assist me with those ASAP...I need to order those books from you and let my kids have a great Christmas.

This problem which present itself after sometimes could point to something is overheating, I suggest you power this TV on and when it shut down, switch it off and remove the power cable from the power outlet, then torch those component on heat sink and whichever is getting too hot means that circuit is the suspect, the main suspect include, main control ic you have also pointed it, vertical i.c, Horizontal output transistor (H.O.T).

Also be sure you have done thorough re-soldering of any dry joint in this Television.

In respect the 3rd TV it is a Sharp 21FL94 similar and the client never told me it fell but when I opened it  all around the Flyback area was broken I soldered and fix all the cracks and when I put on the TV it works Perfect except that when I turn over the Board and slide it in it no longer works and all you hear is that click from the relay but does not come on, but when I have the underside of the circuit board face me TV works great and for weeks I just can't figure it out, Gave up.

This is intermittent problem Songre, usually caused by loose connection and from what you have just said the TV has any history of having fallen down, this means after you did the fixing of the cracks you got it right but one or more cracks you fixed are not strong enough (loose) and hence when you twist the board a bit its loosing up. I suggest you re-do those cracks again and this can easily solve this problem.

Better still you can also trace this problem by live voltage testing, check the main voltage around that area and the one missing follow it backward and find what is blocking it (crack)

You can also use magnifying glass to check any hairline crack on the board.

Also another way of checking this hairline crack is take a photo (even use a phone camera) of the board bottom side and view the picture and zoom it and this will show you those cracks very clearly(this is my favorite way)

The 4th TV is for a former Test Cricketer and National Icon it is a RCA Model MCR68TF00 came here not turned out the H.O.T was shorted and I replaced it TV is now coming on but have a pincushion problem or keystone effect where the Top part of the Screen is wide and the bottom part small, what I found strange though is that the Keystone effect that I am receiving is quite the opposite based on my reading and view of the keystone effect image online.

This I will need a screen shot to get exactly what the problem is but usually pincushion problem are easy to solve, just concentrate around the fly-back transformer, looking for burn coil, capacitor.

My friend these are some of my dilemma’s here and I am so interested in fixing these and mastering them so with the new year coming and I can really assist my family and do some of the things I need to do for them...because I have the Clientele and I am gonna do all in my power to educate myself theoretically with your books and others. I would like to deal with the above A.S.A.P because Christmas is just around the corner and Time flies....

Thanks my friend, Always. Songre

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