Monday, October 26, 2015

CRT Television with color problem now solved

Hello Humphrey, thank you very much for responding!
No, I am not a repair man, but I've read about repairs and troubleshooting on the internet, and I like to be thorough in my descriptions of problems.
 I thought I should tell you there's been a new development.
 With the picture on the screen, I turned the colour completely down to see if the picture would be perfectly black and white.
 It was not, and had a slight magenta/purple shade over it. I've read that this suggests it's a technical problem, not a set up problem.
 Also, when I was watching a DVD on the television, there were sometimes green blurs appearing and disappearing around the edges of the picture.
 And for very brief moments there are blue and green outlines around certain things in the picture, but they come and go.
I read that too much red in the picture can be caused by not enough green, and sure enough, when watching DVDs, at moments when there should be green in the picture, there is very little if any green.
Thank you very much for supplying the picture with the instructions to try re-soldering, it's very much appreciated and very useful!
Please can you tell me if this would likely solve these problems?
Yours sincerely

Hi James,
In electronics we start from known to unknown.
You will be surprised by doing what I told you will solve all those problems.
Regards Humphrey
Thanks Humphrey, you might have just saved me an expensive taxi fare to the repair shop, and the inspection fee and repair fee!
I will let you know how it goes,
Yours sincerely

Noted. Waiting for your success report.
Regards Humphrey

Hello Humphrey,
I took the back off the TV and found the CRT neck board and it had 3 knobs on it for adjusting red, green and blue.
I tried turning the green knob and the picture became perfect almost immediately!
I played a DVD for several minutes to check and there wasn't any more problems with colour.
However, there is another problem - when there are captions on the TV (as in film titles and credits) there is interference in the sound. I have tried adjusting the tuning and it seemed to improve slightly but then the problem came back.
It works okay any other time, just not when there are captions on the DVD. (I am using a modulator to watch DVDs on this old TV, so I might try it with a VCR and see if it has the same problem.)
Do you know what causes that problem?
I am pleased the picture seems to be working well now. I will definitely keep your advice in mind for any picture problems in the future and thanks for telling me where I should be concentrating for solving problems like that!

Yours sincerely
James McCarty

Hi James.
Thanks for the report, regarding problem when using DVD /VCR.. I think the problem is compatibility issues.
With the color coming back to normal, Kudos! But don't celebrate yet.
Maybe when you touched the knob you just strengthened the weak points slightly.
So I strongly advice you go back there and do thorough re-soldering and that problem will give you another 2 years before coming back again.

Regards Humphrey

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