Saturday, August 29, 2015

Another do it yourself fly-back tester assembled and working

Hi Humphrey,
Hope you are well today! I just wanted to inquire if you can get me i.c CD4015 over there because I have moved around various stores here in Dar es Salaam to find any but in vain.
If it’s available I can make arrangements for acquiring a few pieces.

Thanks! Regards,

Hi Emmanuel
Very possible…

Ok, how much does each cost and what is the transportation charge with Kampala coach or modern coast or any other bus service from there to Dar es Salaam so I can send you the money please?

I will check the price in town this weekend then come back to you
Regards Humphrey

The rest of the communication was on what’s up.

Testing linear transformer

Testing Fly-back transformer

What to make your own meter? check out the link below for more info

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  1. sir hamphrey can u help me to solve the samsung crt tv it have a power but it also a vertical line only how should i do this im fr0m philippines thanks and regards