Friday, February 27, 2015

MARSHAL DVD PLAYER OPEN / CLOSE drawers erratically now repaired

When I plugged the AC cord and push the button of this
DVD player showed On LCD of panel the following ON-OPEN and then CLOSE after this the machine close everything and get off
First I checked the PSU output voltages that were good
The 5 volt output read on my digital volt-meter 4.96 and 12 volt was10.98.
 I found some cold solder joints in the power supply and re-soldered all of them.

Next I opened the disc tray and tested all the mechanical parts plus the three motors were all good.

From experience these kind of problems comes as a result of corrupting the Ware firm of this machine( flash EEPROM EN25F80)
This is a  8 Megabit Serial Flash Memory With 4Kbytes Uniform Sector

Fortunately this I.C was not SMD form and good manufacturer installed this I.C in Socket
This is another reason that this I.C must need re-programming once a while.
By the help of original program and I.C programmer I Reinstalled the FLASH EEPROM and the machine started working as new.

The article was brought to you Mr Beh.
Electronics repairer based in Tehran-Iran.

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  1. Hi Humphrey
    as i said and sent to you the origina lprogram of mentioned ic is also available and upon the
    request i can send it to members