Saturday, January 26, 2013

Review of VC921 Mini Pocket Digital Auto Range Multimeter digital multimeter

I recently bought VC921 mini pocket auto ranging digital multimeter from eBay and here is my personal review of the same.

First take note that this is a mini meter and therefore is best suited if you do a lot of onsite job where you don’t like carrying the bigger sizes.

The meter is approximately 4.5 inches long and 3 inches width and therefore can easily fit into your front shirt pocket comfortably.

It is auto ranging and has basic functions like any other meter. Eg DC Voltage, AC Voltage, Resistance, Capacitance and frequency functions among others.

It is also using the “AAA” size battery (2 pcs) although they have not written it anywhere.

The probes are fixed permanently on the motherboard therefore don’t have probe slot.

Testing AC voltage I got 229.4 VAC, which is okay for my country Kenya where we use 240 VAC .


Testing  frequency  I got 50.05 Hz, again this is okay for local outlet(50Hz)

Testing capacitance of 4.7uf/25V capacitor, I got 5.087 uF..a bit high for this capacitor .

I bought it at eBay at $11.99 and $3 postage. The item was send from Hong Kong by post which was not registed and it took 25 days to Kenya.

Kindly note that this is my personal view and therefore I take no responsibility for the decision you take upon reading this review. I am also not affiliated to the seller of this item.

Regards Humphrey

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