Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A young technician from Kitui-Kenya with a passion for electronics

Hi Humphrey, I started electronics repairs last year and today I saw you blog and it encouraged me a lot, thank u
 Hi Mwendwa, Thanks and welcome
Regards Humphrey

Hi Humphrey, finally my computer was ok and have been reading the book and its very good, today I have repaired a TV from a technician with lots of ease, the fuse was ok, surge limiter ok, voltage at the main cap ok, collector current ok but missing base current, I tested the capacitor at the base and it was ok,

I followed back to the start up resistors and found the one which feeds A1015 at one side it's 155v and at the other side no voltage, I suspected a dry joint or open at the resistor but not, next I tested A1015 and found it shorted between collector-emitter.

I replaced it and the TV came up very nice, I was so happy for what I read in the book, nice time

Mwendwa Kitui-Kenya

Hi Mwendwa.
That was job well done; your circuit analysis is of no equal.

You have a logical way of doing your detective work and very soon I will be looking for you at the top.

Regards Humphrey

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