Thursday, August 23, 2012

PENSONIC 29" color CRT TV with horizontal output catastrophic failure

Dear Humphrey,

First and foremost I like to thank you for your wonderful book on CRT TV repair which I have just finish reading and now I am attempting to repair
a : 29" colour CRT TV - Brand PENSONIC  which I need your help with :

Description of damage: physical damaged observed that HOT transistor, snub Capacitor, a resistor and diode near HOT transistor as well as 2 capacitors blown out. , checked and found with blue ring tester that Switch transformer and FBT and other coils still good.

However the resistor mentioned is so badly damaged beyond recognition.  What shall I do next with the resistor? Pls advice.

Thank you and look forward to hear from you.

Kind regards.
Johore Malaysia

Hi Richard.
Thanks for your feedback and glad to hear from Johore Malaysia.

Regarding the 29" color CRT TV - Brand PENSONIC… it seems the problem started with the snubber capacitor which from what you have said refused to do its work of safety for the H.O.T and hence the catastrophic result as you witnessed on the components around that circuit.

For now I suggest you get a circuit diagram for the same TV and get the value of the resistor which was burnt beyond recognition.

Then replace the snubber capacitor and the H.O.T and see if this will solve the problem.

Again if you are lucky and these TV models are common in your home town then you can actually get the actual component Number from one of them.

All the best


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