Thursday, April 26, 2012

Appreciation from Lusaka Zambia

Hi Mr. Kimathi, thanks very much for being honest with business and people at large, you are honest like MR. Yong. You both make me think positive in electronics repairing.

I will be coming back now and then for your kind help. I have downloaded the CRT e-book now is my turn to put it in good use thanks once more and God bless you.

Regards Namayala
Lusaka Zambia

Mr .Namayala also wanted me to buy spare parts(components) to build his own FBT tester published on this site and I have done it from here in Kenya and already dispatched to Zambia.

The post man told me that the spares will be arriving in 3-4 days. 

Here in Kenya I can say spare parts are not a big problem to get but still I am getting problems In getting snubber/safety capacitor here in Kenya.

Hope the stockist will start stocking them soon so that we can reduce the number of Televisions going to the dustbin before their time.

Here are the spares I send to Namayala

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