Thursday, March 15, 2012

Do-it-yourself FBT tester assembled and working

Bogie: Good day sir, I did not touch the TV that I’ve repairing but instead i did assemble first the fly back tester feature at your blog. I follow the circuit you design in strip board and this is what i got. Upon powering the tester, I got 1 red led on and if i connected/shorting the 2 probe, the said 1 red led went off. Is it ok?

Humphrey: Excellent work...that's how it should behave if working well. NB the first LED also act as power ON that why i have not incorporated the power on LED on this tester.

When you touch the two probes it means the circuit is shorted and this is the results you should expect when the fly back or whatever you are testing is shorted and therefore means faulty.
Bogie: If I did scratch the 2 led probes, all led flash. Is it ok? Sir, how do I know if the FBT tester that I made is good?

Humphrey: Again this is okay.
Bogie: Because did testing the FBT primary on /off circuit I only get 2 red led lit. Testing the new spindle motor I got only 2 led also. I am beginning to doubt if the tester is good or not. Please advice...Thanks

Humphrey :To me this tester is ok...Get any TV board and place one lead of the flyback tester on the main capacitor positive(+) and the other lead on the Chopper transistor middle leg....I expect all LEDs to be ON..If the chopper transformer and transistor is ok.

Bogie: Thank you very much Sir for your reply. I'm so happy; I did what you said to test it with one lead on the collector of the regulator then one positive lead of big caps to test the primary transformer of SMPS. I did it on good working SMPS and guess what…? ha ha ha it lit all LEDs. I made a good tester (",) it’s a big help and another additional confident for troubleshooting. GOD BLESS US ALL...

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