Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feedback from a keen follower of my blog from Antigua & Barbuda.

When I started this blog my mission was to share ideas about my experiences in the field of electronics. Period! Soon I started noticing a steady flow of visitors from many countries of the world, this trend has continued and currently the blog has over 87 000 pages views from over 180 countries.

Thus occupied I also started receiving feedback and advice from technicians out there and most of them were encouraging me to write a book on what I was sharing about, that time I didn’t even thought I can write a book but because of continued feedback and words of encouragement I took that idea and that idea is now a book called CRT television repair course.

To this I really thanks guys like Mr.Beh of Iran who has been a big source of encouragement to me, Mr.Jestine Yong of Malaysia who doubles also as my mentor, Jorge G. Manzanero from Belize, Isaac Mahaye from South Africa among others.

Let me conclude with a quote I learn from Jestine Yong which goes like this.” IDEAS DON’T USUALLY MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL, EXECUTION DOES!!

Dear electronics repairer if you have an idea (vision), takes it to the world, you will never know until you see how many lives it will affect. VISION CHANGES THE WORLD. VISION is today’s picture of tomorrow’s REALITY. Vision is FORESIGHT. Vision is INSIGHT. Vision is A DREAM WITH A PLAN. VISIONARIES change the world through the power of IMAGINATION, INNOVATION, and INDUSTRY. They see highways where others see roadblocks (a quote by Mensa Otabil from Ghana)

For a small video about Mensa Otabil who is a multinational speaker click here

And now let hear what Mr. Songre from Antigua & Barbuda has to say.

Hi Humphrey, Happy New Year Sir, I have never forgotten you and you are always on my mind. I must say you have open my eyes so much to electronics TV and DVD repair and I am just so grateful to you...because you have helped me so much that you are constantly in my prayers, you and your family will always be blessed. This is the way I make my living to help compliment my wife and to help feed my kids so for me it's very important. You would not believe the simple and most important things I have learned from you like the testing of the power supply which is my greatest challenge and so much more.....anyways please tell me again the price for the book; I will be sending the money Via Western Union or Money Gram within the next two weeks. I am so impressed with you Sir that I keep saying that if it was feasible for me I would visit Kenya to meet Just so proud of you Sir. I really need this book and any other thing you may recommend as we go along. You are my friend and I actually was watching a movie from your Country by Lupita Nyong'o wow what a great lady. Keep me posted with the price of the book in US dollars and God Bless....Thanks

Hi Songre,Glad to hear from Antigua & Barbuda. Again thank you for your interest in buying my latest book on CRT television Repair course. The book still remain at 37 USA dollars and I am not having any intention of increasing this price soon…I have in mind technicians who are getting started and have passion for electronics but finding it a challenge to get started.

And here is a clip by Lupita Nyongo. Kenyan filmmaker, speaks on her acclaimed documentary about Albinism, "In My Genes"



Humphrey Kimathi
Author CRT Television repair course



    indeed your book in the field of practical repair of the crt tv is number one in the world .
    then i should say viva humphery.

  2. Thanks my BIG brother Beh.

    Regards Humphrey

  3. Hey Humphrey How you doing? just wanted to concur with Behzad sentiments you are truly one of a kind and we love you. And for some of the folks here who may not be acquainted with Behzad he is one of the best Electronics do it yourself genius that I may have come across and I just want to say a Thumbs up to him!He is a true and dedicated friend of Humphrey...great support.Oh Lupita! I just can't stop watching her guys she is truly a professional. Thanks for the clip my friend very informative. NUFF RESPECT!!!

  4. Hi Songre, Thanks for your at hum tech electronics we really value your feedback. Be blessed
    Regards Humphrey

  5. You're most welcome my friend...Cheers!