Monday, January 16, 2012

Samsung tv-21 inches - no audio and no video... background blue-email support

Good day Humphrey!
Is it okay if I will ask some help from you? As this point in time, I am repairing a Samsung tv-21 inches. The trouble is when you switch the power to ON position, there is a raster, and then after about 2 seconds, it changes to blue color- a video signal
Display I think and vice versa.  I re-soldered the video amplifier at CRT, and the jungle ic, no changes happened.

Humphrey: Usually if the TV has no antenna it behaves like this, So first make sure the antenna is installed and the connector to the TV set is ok(the rf connector)

If the antenna is well set and still don’t get the audio or the video then you can now start troubleshooting the set. 

For the symptoms you have mentioned (no audio and no picture) the best place to start your troubleshooting is the tuner circuit.

Refer to chap16 of your eBook for more info on this circuit and for a live example of how I solved such a problem refer to chap 27 about the Sony TV I repaired with the similar symptoms in the same book.

All the best Gary.

Gary: Thank you for your advice and suggestions.
I have started reading your eBook and I would say it's really a big help to me. Although, I am a graduate of one-year electronics course, I still need to know more about TV repair and thanks for your eBook.

Humphrey: Thanks Gary for your positive feedback… Wishing you all the best my friend

Regards Humphrey

Having not heard from Mr. Gary about this repair feedback I did a follow up email to find out how he is progressing…

HI Gary
Did the Samsung with blue background work? Let me have feedback on this please....
Kind regards

Hi, Humphrey,
Yes. It really worked. I followed your suggestions. And I really learned from you Humphrey,Thanks a lot.

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